Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Travel Curling Iron Bag

 I made these two curling iron travel bags as gifts for two fantastic women who are always helping me out, even when I don't think I need it.
They are for when you are on vacation and need to put away your iron and it's still hot. This way you can pop it in this bag and off you go.
They were really easy, but I think that I am going to do them a bit different next time.
I found the pattern for them from a cute blog Rubies and Peals but I did a few things differently.
I made the 2 pieces 6x30 inches but then I made the liner with old jeans, two layers. I quilted it on the inside pink layer, then stitched on the cute top layer. Turning it inside out was really hard because of the jeans. I also couldn't get the top to fold the way that I wanted so I stitched on the ribbon and I think that it made it very cute. I think that a fabric flower would be really cute too. Next time I make this I am going to look for a liner that is for heat, then it will fold the way that I want.
I really love this fabric though. I need to finish the one for me now, somehow when ever I'm making things for others mine never gets done.

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