Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter or Spring Wreath

 This wreath was easy to make, but VERY time consuming. I found it on this fantastic blog,  Fabulessly Crafty she made a St. Patty's Wreath.  I had been looking for a spring wreath but didn't want to spend $30 so I thought this would be just right. I had two rolls of crepe paper in hot pink and bright yellow. I went to the dollar store looking for a foam wreath to glue the flowers on but they were out, so I saw a noodle-the kind you swim with- and thought "I can bend that to whatever size I want!" so I got that and and extra roll of each color and some more hot glue sticks. 

I bent the noodle and stuck a pencil--I know, I know, but it works-  in the center and then added a dot of glue to make sure it didn't come undone.

 Then I started making the rosettes. They were really easy, there is a tutorial on the blog I mentioned, but what I did was: Cut the crepe paper into about 24 inch strips and then crumbled them.
Then I started the rosettes: Start by making a small ball and then twisting and winding around the center, occasionally putting a dot of hot glue to make sure it stayed rolled. I put a small dot of glue at the end to secure it and there you go.
It took a while to get it down the feel for them and to make it look right, but then it flew.

I made most of the rosettes before I started gluing them on my noodle. It was a Sunday and my husband was gone, so the kids and I watched Harry Potter most of the day, all the while I made the rosettes. I glued them on and then glued a grey ribbon on the back.

When my Husband came home the first thing he said was "Wow. What's you with the color?" 

The first time it rained the color bled out on my door a little but I think that I like it better now.
It looks vintage now.


Don't you just love the Giraffe? It's my parents, they gave it to me to "babysit" and now they keep wanting it back. I am worried they will just take it off the porch someday.

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  1. I love this, Emily! I need to try it. It's so happy and pretty. (The vintage look is awesome.) Using the flotation tube as a wreath form is genius! ( I'm making a sea shell wreath for my beach-house-inspired basement right now.) Love your blog. It's awesome, and you're so talented.


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