Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Skirt Purse

I have been on the look out for a new purse for a while now (my husband says that I am always buying new purses) and I just couldn't find one that I really wanted. I love all the ruffles that are IN right now and I saw a purse kind of like it the one I made.
So I pulled out some left over fabric from a dress that I made a few years ago for a trip to Atlanta and started piecing together what I thought I wanted from a purse.

Inside Pink Liner with Pockets

I used some pink fabric that I had from my daughters bassinet skirt from years ago and made a liner with just 3 pockets--one just for my phone (my family can never find it in my purses) and then to give it some stability, I made another liner from some old jeans.

This is the most recycled purse. Cost so far...nothing.

The Jean liner. If you look close you can see the flower at the bottom.

So then I cut 3 long---about 2 to 3 feet---of 3 inch ruffle. I gathered them and sewed them on the purse before I assembled it; So the side of the purse was laid out flat when I attached the ruffles, so easy this way. Then I sewed the bottom--I quilted a cute flower in the liner on the bottom, not that anyone will know but me...but I guess that is who it's for, then I sewed the liner on.
Right before I put it all together
I added the strap, which I put a piece of boning in to give it a bit of stability, then I took some other pink fabric (I don't know where I got this piece from) and made the bow on the side.
Funny story: When I was deciding on the size of the bow, I tied one that was I guess kind of big and my husband said that it was too big and might get caught in the car door. I laughed for about 5 minutes without stopping. The bow was really not that big and just the thought of the bow from my purse getting caught in the door was just too funny.
Anyway, back to the purse. I bought a pink purse magnet at Joann's (1.50 for 2) and added a big safety pin to hang my keys on, which I need to find something else because it detracts from the look, but that will come.
So total cost of the purse, if I am not counting the recycled fabric because really they served their original purpose (and if I counted it the fabric was still only about 5.00$), it was 0.75$ and my time, but that doesn't count because sewing is almost like therapy.
So cute new purse=0.75!
I love it and I have been getting comments about it everywhere I go.


  1. Love the pattern of this fabric. So cute and happy! What a great purse idea, Emily. You have a real creative eye for sewing projects. Awesome!

  2. What? Are you serious? Can I be any more intimidated by you? Are you like a miracle worker or something? I am in complete awe, is it obvious?


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