Sunday, April 3, 2011

Running Skirts

I spent the day sewing today and I am so excited that I finally have my running skirts done! Yea! I made 3 today-from the cutting to the finished skirt--- and they were so easy.
I used Jalie pattern for their Multi-Sport Skort and after I got over the shock of a French pattern, it was really easy and the fit was fantastic; so much better than any of the American patterns. The fit is very specific in all the places you measure. Love it!
I only bought a yard of black fabric (at Joann's with my 40% coupon. They have tons of cute "dance wear" fabric), half a yard of pink, and I had the teal from some old pants that I didn't like any more. So the whole thing--all 3 running skirts-- were only $13!!! I have been looking at running skirts for months and the cheapest I could find was still $28+ shipping and tax. I have one already and the fit is just a little off and it is really short, almost too short, and the built-in shorts are just odd. So now I have the skirts and can wear it with whatever short I want. I plan on making the "hot pants" that are with the pattern, but not today. I am thinking that I could look in the clearance mens workout shirts for the the bulk of the color, and get it for like $2-3, and then buy the contrasting color with my % coupon at Joann's. I also added an elastic for the waist: I don't want to lose my skirt while I'm running.
I can't wait to run in these!
The photos are just a bit off because my husband hates taking pictures for me :)

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