Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cute Christmas Elf Stockings

I wanted to have some matching stockings (finally) this year, and thought this idea was so cute. My sister did something like this, so here is my take on it. I found the pattern and how to do it on this cute website http://http// . Very good instructions although, now I wish I had made them about twice as big but oh well. I lined them with some black fabric, and put a little more stuffing in the toe and heel. I sewed bells on all the points and the toe. I didn't monogram on the fabric, I found some cute chipboard letters at Michael's and hung them off one of the bells. I got all my fabric at Joann's for half off (yeah!) but had to go to 3 different stores to get it (boo!).

John Stockton Jazz Uniform

My son wanted to be John Stockton for Halloween this year and I am just too cheap to spend over $100 on a Halloween costume, so I made this. I used one of his old basketball jerseys for the pattern for the shirt-I lined the shirt to make it a little less see through-and a pajama pattern for the pants. I got the fabric from walmart for only $5 for 5 yards (I made my husband a Marc Anthony costume from the left over fabric). I sewed the three colors on the arms and neck from bias tape-I pinned them together and then zig zag stitched them using the corresponding color thread. I bought fat squares in the colors I needed for the letters and then ironed them on double sided interfacing. Then I cut them out using the Circut although, it really didn't work well on the fabric so I had to cut it out on paper and use them as templates and cut it out by hand. I think it turned out really well and didn't look hand made: so it was worth all the time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Running Tutu

My Sister and I ran a Halloween half marathon and thought a tutu would be fun, so I whipped up these two. Very easy and cheap. It took about 7 yards of tulle each tutu. I did mine in 4 different colors and my sisters in various pinks. Then I cut them into about 3-4 inch strips-lenght wise- and tied them on a wide ribbon by folding in half and threading the ends through the loop. I then added thin black ribbon and some gold rope randomly throughout the tutu. If you want a fuller tutu I would use more than 7 yards; at least 9 yards (if your not running in it).