Thursday, December 23, 2010

John Stockton Jazz Uniform

My son wanted to be John Stockton for Halloween this year and I am just too cheap to spend over $100 on a Halloween costume, so I made this. I used one of his old basketball jerseys for the pattern for the shirt-I lined the shirt to make it a little less see through-and a pajama pattern for the pants. I got the fabric from walmart for only $5 for 5 yards (I made my husband a Marc Anthony costume from the left over fabric). I sewed the three colors on the arms and neck from bias tape-I pinned them together and then zig zag stitched them using the corresponding color thread. I bought fat squares in the colors I needed for the letters and then ironed them on double sided interfacing. Then I cut them out using the Circut although, it really didn't work well on the fabric so I had to cut it out on paper and use them as templates and cut it out by hand. I think it turned out really well and didn't look hand made: so it was worth all the time.


  1. Anyway you would sell this to me? My daughter wants to be John Stockton for a class project she is doing.

  2. #chiefs-tribe: If you want it I would sell it too you. Let me know it you still do.


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