Monday, April 4, 2011

My Crafting Buddy

Don't mind the messy shelf.
Alright, I know that it is really silly and almost a little "crazy cat lady" to have a post about a cat...but here it is. My cat Jinxy is a stuck-up, bratty, snotty cat. She is the best pet I have ever had. She never needs nor wants too much attention. She can only stand about 30 seconds of petting at a time, and she is not one to hop in your lap. Unless she is in a mood. Then she jumps on my keyboard, or sits next to me on the couch and stares. She loves me most in the family--naturally--so when I am in my craft room, "crafting", she comes and hangs with me. It has a huge south facing window, so she sits in the sun and sleeps most of the time. She also likes to sit on my shelf feeling superior to all, and hiding from my daughter. She sometimes feels the need to sit right on whatever I'm working on, which drives me crazy, but I love her. The other day I was crafting and I look over and Jinxy was sitting on her shelf with fat hanging over the side and I had a moment where I felt like I was in a Harry Potter world. She is just the kind of cat a wizard would have; fat, lazy, and fantastic.

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