Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crochet Mohawk Hat

I wanted to make this awesome Mohawk hat from the moment I saw it, the problem was the patterns. None of them really were right for my son. They were either too big, small, or too complex. So I improvised, something that I do all too often when I am crafting-not always for the good either.
So I took the pattern from the hats that I made with the flower on them and didn't add the brim. Then I found a pattern with ear flaps and kind of followed it to add the ear flaps, all the time making Jake try it on to see if it fit.
Then I did the Mohawk. It was so easy, once you understood. I chained about 70, then single stitched every chain while pulling out about an inch of yarn with every stitch. So I had a long chain with lots of loops. Once I did about 5 rows I tied off and sewed it on the hat right down the center. Then I cut all the loops, and with a fine comb ratted all the yarn so it had that cool funky look.
I love son not as much. I made him wear it when he went skiing with his class and I think that he might of taken it off, but oh well.
I wear it when I scrap my driveway and feel very cool.

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