Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sewing Apron

I love aprons (I think of them as "tool belts") and when I am sewing I always need my little tools and somehow they end up in all kinds of weird places....enter the apron. I looked online at a few half aprons and found some cute "sewing" ones. The ones I liked had pleats so when you are sitting the pockets are right at your hips. I added the scissors loop, but I think that I need to change it. The first attempt I had them--the scissors-- hanging a little more off to the side, and every time I sat down they fell. My little girl is always hovering around me when I sew, so and I was worried about her little toes. So I moved it a little more to the center and and added another loop for the tip to sit in. I also made a small pocket for my small snipers. I love this apron, and I used all old scraps to make it, so it didn't really cost me anything :)

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  1. This is so cute, I love aprons! And speaking of sewing, have you visited to check out all the free projects and tutorials yet?

  2. Aaa I love it! I totally have this fabric, I made a shirt with it recently:

    There's just something about black and gold together. Great job, very cute!


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