Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hair Bow Organizer

"Dress" bow organizer. Her room is SO pink that the in the picture, the dress looks almost a non-color, but it really is pink too.

I have made so many flowers and bows for Ashley in her short little life that they were everywhere, so I needed some way to organise them-I love to organize.

I made the "dress" bow holder first and it was fine...for awhile. Then I got into making flowers for every color of her wardrobe. So I did a little googling and found an idea to hang long ribbons on her door.
It works great.
I bought the satin ribbon at the dollar store-yea dollar store- and just nailed them into the top of the door. Doors are very dense, and it took a lot of bent nails and a few choice words to get them in at the top. Then I measured and nailed the ribbon in about half way up the door-I don't want the babies that visit me to pull it down- and tada! a perfect bow hanger. It filled up much faster than I would've thought and I will have to put up another ribbon soon.....


  1. You are awesome, Emily! Will I always be so amazed by your abilities? Yes and yes! These ribbon organizers are great. Love em.

  2. So fun and cute! I wish I could be crafty...


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