Sunday, March 27, 2011

More aprons...

This apron was a gift as well, but I bought it as a kit---I know, hang my head in shame---but it was just so cute and I was short on time. I got it at Joann's using my 40% of coupon and it ended up costing only about 10$. It was easy to make, but the fabric was so awful. It was that stiff, cheap, printed kind. I added a bias tape and gathered a little more than it called for at the flower, but just wasn't quite right. It turned out cute, but it wasn't the quality that I would've liked. I might have to make it with "good" fabrics and see what happens. I think that I would make a fabric flower too instead of the paper one, I could just imagine spaghetti sauce all over it. I LOVE the pearls and flower.

This silly apron was made from a old skirt that my mom gave me that was just too big. I took it apart, keeping the waist and just cutting a curve at the bottom. Then I made a thick ruffle--I love ruffles-- out of some leftover pink that I had from my daughter. Another "free" apron. I think the thing I love the most about this apron is the heart pocket. I feel so girly when I wear it, very french maid. I made this apron for a camping apron....who says you can't be cute in the woods?


  1. Love these aprons, Emily! You are my hero!! You run, craft, write, cook, and are beautiful and funny to boot. Geez, I'm going to go feel inferior in the corner now . . .

  2. Feeling inferior as well. Really cute.... Why don't I ever want to be girly? What's wrong with me?


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