Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tribal Maxi Dress

My version of a Maxi Dress.
I bought this fabric at clearance (again) at Joann's for 3 dollars a yard and again, had no idea what I would do with it. I thought it would make some kind of dress and this was it. I was hard to get the draping right in the front. At first I gathered it but it was way too baggy, so then I thought..pleats. and it flattened it enough so I didn't feel pregnant. I made the bodice without the white gathering first, but it was just too much print, it needed to be broken up. So I added the white, but it took a lot of messing with to get everything to lay right. I still don't love the cups of the bodice, they are just too full for my girls but I will figure it out. I love the back shoulder straps, they add just enough to be different.

The shoulder strap. Love the gather.

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