Thursday, August 25, 2011

Full and Frilly Fabric Flowers

Oh, how I love flowers and these are just so cute and I haven't seen anything like them.
I found the idea on the best blog, Make it and Love it, she has so many fun ideas and tutorials.
So I tried it on the only solid fabric that I had lying around (from my son's John Stockon costume) and whipped it up real quick, I mean quick. They were so fast and easy.
I cut out 30-40 circles without trying to be neat and perfect--I just did one base circle from grey felt, then folded the fabric over so I had about 4 layers and cut the circles. After folding them (the circle) into in on it's self into triangles, I started sewing them on. I did a base layer only sewing the tips of the triangle and then added the next layer and the next. The middle I had to sew on by hand but I think each flower only took about 10 minutes! I am going to make a bunch more, maybe try some printed fabric.
If you would like to buy these, head on over to my Etsy shop

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